Living the life you were born to live.

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I hope this newsletter finds you feeling good. As a matter of fact, you were born into this human experience with the natural ability to feel even better than just good. However, after your birth from spirit into this human body, other well intentioned people had other plans for your life, maybe not the same plans you came here with. Examples of some of these well intentioned people are parents, relatives, teachers, friends etc.

We all needed these well intentioned people especially when we were growing up, to love, teach and guide us through life.   The problem is that some of us as adults today still view ourselves through the eyes of these people. We feel that we have to live up to and meet the expectations of family, friends, bosses, teachers and the like.

Yes, we must be responsible, and do our best to be well intentioned citizens carrying out our daily tasks with love and compassion for others to the best of our ability.  The problem arises when we fall short and worry about what others think of us. We give all our power away to them and feel depleted, trying to be more than we signed up for.

By the law of attraction, when our energy is depleted and we are feeling less that worthy, we attract more of the same people, situations, and events into our lives. As we attract more unhappy people, events and situations into our lives, we go into a tailspin where nothing in life seems to feel good or turn out as we anticipated anymore. Our family life, our jobs and friendships all seem to be far less than satisfying.   Some people can’t handle this and turn to self-destructive ways to handle this overwhelming feeling of failure and isolation such as drinking, drugs, overeating and many other types of addiction. Others just suffer in silence.

We did not come here to get it all done perfectly. We came here to experience life in all its glory, the ups and downs. We came here to live life through the eyes of consciousness, which we came from, which we are still connected to and which we will one day return to. As a result some of us now find ourselves cut off from this consciousness (God, Source, energy) because of how we feel about our present situations.

In order to be connected to consciousness and start living and feeling life in all its glory, we need to realize that we are spiritual beings living a human experience.   We will never get it all done. We are not responsible for the happiness of others, or what they think of us. We are only responsible for ourselves and our own happiness. By being happy ourselves we will attract other happy people into our lives and happiness will become a natural part of our being. Then we will begin to be more loving, compassionate, and productive in all our relationships with others.

So my friends take some time to meditate.   If you don’t know how to meditate, buy a book or CD on meditation, or just sit still for ten minutes each day with some relaxing music in the background. Read a good book about connecting with source and manifesting the life you came here to live. Take time to go out in nature and appreciate the creations of consciousness, of which you are a part of, were created out of and will return to.

Love and Blessings,

Marcus Feighery LMT, RM, Synchronicity.

3 Responses to “Living the life you were born to live.”

  1. Ellen says:

    Love it! Thanks for the wise words!

  2. Jeni Powell says:

    Excellent Marcus! I particularly like your words about “we are responsible for our own life and our own happiness” all too often we are trying to please others and worry about what they think of us ……. This just came as a brilliant reminder – thank you x

  3. Carrie says:

    Good valid points Marcus – it is a work in progress for me as I often took/sometimes still take on the happiness/pain of others and only recently am starting to loosen the grip just a bit. Nicely written 😉

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