Psychic Medium Readings

Gain valuable insight from the world beyond our own with Psychic Medium Readings. The following psychic mediums frequent Synchronicity by popular demand and will deliver intuitive messages from the spirit realm and can also provide Tarot card readings. Please see the schedule to view our daily readers at Synchronicity. You may also call 845-363-1765 to check availability.

The Psychic Mediums & Readers of Synchronicity


Joann Fiallo

Joann Fiallo, PsychicEmpath & Medium • Clairaudience & Clairavoyant • Spiritual Response Therapy • Tarot & Angel Card Reader

Joann Fiallo has been communicating with spirit since she was a young girl.  As a  Medium and an  Empath,  It has also come easy for her to check in with angels and loved ones who have passed. she has  always received messages in her dreams in relation to her own life and globally with messages from God’s Angels and her Spirit Guides. Joann uses the tarot cards and Angel Cards to help her tune into her abilities. Joann also has a strong connection to animals as they have served as healers and teachers to her in this lifetime. Her readings are filled with love and guidance and positive energy on a healing level. Joann also enjoys singing and writing.

Joann is with us Monday – Wednesday  10am – 6pm,  Friday 9am – 5pm, and Saturday 9am- 2pm. Sunday by appointment only. Call 845-363-1765 for an appointment.

“Haley Rose Joann is amazing and she changed my life with the reading I had with her!” – Facebook comment

“I just came from a reading with Joann and it was an amazing experience. Not only is Joann’s own energy soothing and light, but the information she brings forward was very accurate and extremely helpful. I left there feeling grateful knowing I was given the gift of insight that, without the help as someone as gifted, intuitive and accurate as Joann, wouldn’t be possible or as clear. From this point on I feel  comfortable considering Joann my trusted “go to” intuitive for much needed insights or simply for a spiritual “tune up”. Thank you Joann for sharing your gift with me today.”  – Donna I.

“I had a reading with Joanne last week and she was amazing! She knew things and I just nodded. Then my dad came through and showed her red and yellow roses. Joanne asked me if my dad ever gave my mom roses. I told her I did not remember. I asked my mom that night if dad ever gave her flowers, she laughed and said ‘yes when he was in the dog house he would bring red, sometimes yellow roses – sometimes a mixture.’ Thank you for a great reading and a nice conversation with my dad.”
– Lori D.  Brewster NY

“She is a blessing to me and I was meant to meet her for whatever reason; however, I thank God I did. You must go to her! You will only regret never going to her! Thank you for all you have done, Joann!”


Carla Blaha

carlablahaCarla Blaha is a third-generation psychic, following in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother. She had her first metaphysical experience at 3 years old, and now works as full time Psychic Medium while raising her three children. She is able to connect to those who have crossed over and give validating messages to show life continues after death. Carla offers psychic reading to those who are experiencing difficulties as well as the crossroads of life. Carla teaches various metaphysical classes all over the tri-state area in Psychic and Mediumship development, using the pendulum, and creating vision boards. She sees clients individually and in groups all over the country. Carla is launching a blogtalk radio show, timed to begin when her book is published in Spring 2014. In addition to her psychic abilities, Carla is also a Reiki Master, a certified Angel Card Reader, and has her Master’s degree in Teaching.

Carla is also the author of ‘Get Your Vibe Back: A simple guide to awaken your sixth sense’. The book is available on Kindle & Amazon. You were born to Vibe. It is your birthright to use your natural psychic ability. Guess what? You have six senses not just the five you were told you had. Your sixth sense is as real as your other the five senses. Can you imagine what life would be like if you were taught to use all your senses from day one. You would be Vibing all over the place by the time you entered school. When you learn how to use your Vibe to guide your life it will ultimately be far easier. The great thing about Vibing is the Vibe is never wrong. Your inner knowing and connection with your sixth sense will become as natural to you as your other sense with the right type of practice. This book will help you awaken that sense that has been laying dormant far too long. You will get your Vibe back in no time.

Carla is with us every Thursday and select Saturdays. Call 845-363-1765 for times.


Shaman Elka Boren

Elka Boren, PsychicSince childhood, Elka Boren has been gifted with spiritual healing abilities, clairvoyance and a sensitivity that helps her to see into the body on many levels. As a very young child, Elka spontaneously performed powerful healings on people, and has constantly been in communication with Spirit.  As she grew into adulthood, Elka integrated her gifts and the guidance she receives from Spirit into a full-time teaching and healing practice.  She has studied with many healers and shamans to reach a high level of skill and is also a Reiki master.

Elka has a unique connection to Source energy and is able to call in potent spiritual healing energy through all cellular levels of the body on behalf of her audiences and clients. She works with this Source energy and helps people return to their natural state of wholeness. As blocks are energetically removed from the subtle and the physical bodies, there is an acceleration of powerful natural healing processes.

Call 845-363-1765 to book an appointment. Elka joins us once a month so be sure to see our schedule for her availability.


Bob Buchanan

Born with a veil on his face, a sign of psychic abilities, Bob understood from a very early age that he was different. By the time he was eight years old, he began to see strong visions of the future. Not understanding exactly what was happening, Bob ignored them thinking it was simply his imagination. As he grew older, the visions became timelier. Oftentimes he would know within thirty minutes when something was going to happen, but continued to ignore the messages.

By appointment only on Thursdays from 3pm – 6pm. Call 845-363-1765 to book your appointment.



Savannah was born psychic and began to see and hear Spirit from 2 years of age. She’s a successful entrepreneur with an extensive background in business, financial advice, love relationships, and an all around multifaceted life coach. Gifts include, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, claircognizant; ability to communicate with the deceased; telepathic communication; remote viewing; mind reading; and more. Clients from around the globe seek my advice and become life long friends. Professional psychic with attention to detail; non-judgmental, facilitating healthy relationships through psychic guidance and advice. Handled with love, kindness compassion. Confidential readings.

By appointment only on Thursdays from 2:30pm – 7pm. Call 845-363-1765 to book your appointment.


Adam Bernstein

Adam Bernstein, PsychicAdam Bernstein is a Medium and Clairvoyant with an international following. He leads seminars and development circles in the arts of Spirit Communication and the Universal Laws of Success and Attraction through which he has developed his Power Attunements life coaching methods. Adam has been featured in the book Psychic New York which profiles 60 of New York’s best and most famous psychics. He has appeared in articles in The New York Times, Chronogram Magazine and others. He’s been highlighted in several television shows including Court TV’s groundbreaking Psychic Detectives and Fox 5 News as well as live call-in psychic radio shows.

To learn more about Adam’s next appearance call 845-363-1765 or see our schedule.


Amy Benesch

Amy Benesch been reading tarot cards for over 40 years.  Her readings tend to be direct and geared toward practical advice. Amy also provides other healing services such as soul retrievals, hypnotherapy, past life and “Life Between Lives” regression, and Inner Conflict Resolution. During soul retrievals, she journeys to find pieces of a person’s soul that have left the body due to trauma and are now ready to come back and be integrated into the psyche. Amy uses the healing practice of hypnotherapy to help clients with weight loss, stress reduction, smoking cessation, past lives and Inner Conflict Resolution.

Amy will be available to conduct past life regressions by appointment.  She incorporates techniques from the Life Between Lives regression.  Amy will be conducting shamanic drumming circles here at Synchronicity.  In shamanic drumming circles, we drum to heal ourselves, our loved ones, and the planet, and we journey to the Upper and Lower Worlds to meet with our guides.  She will also be conducting meditation classes and Full Moon and New Moon circles here at the store. Amy is also an accomplished author and has published two novels and over a dozen short stories.

To learn more about Amy’s next appearance call 845-363-1765 or see our schedule.


Laura Watkins

laurawatkinsLaura Watkins, Astrological Counselor
Laura Watkins has been studying astrology for over 30 years and has 20 years of experience as an Astrological Counselor.  She is also a Reiki Master Practitioner, crystal healer, and current student of aromatherapy and herbalism.  Laura loves to combine astrology with crystal healing to help identify the best crystals to balance the energies of the people she counsels.

Laura is available only by appointment.

To learn more about Laura’s next appearance call 845-363-1765 or see our schedule.

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