Stephanie R. of Pawling

“I have been a runner and a dancer, and I now work with horses, so I have had many occasions to get strains, sprains and otherwise sore and achy muscles. I have learned a lot about anatomy in that time, and about good massages. Marcus does a a thorough job, and when tested on anatomy (“could you go easy on my semitendinosus?”) he passes with flying colors. He is obviously competent in his knowledge and his understanding of human bio mechanics – so that you can say, “it hurts when I do this” and he can readily isolate the problem. His shop is a pleasant, quiet place with crystals, symbols, scents and sounds conveying a sense of rest and enlightenment. It will take a moment or two after your massage to return to the world, and I came away feeling relaxed and renewed. He is a good masseuse, and a pleasant fellow as well, and the overall experience quite wonderful. I am happy to recommend him.”