About us

Welcome to the ENCHANTED WORLD of SYNCHRONICITY where MAGICAL moments & AWAKENED souls blend in synchronistic harmony! Do you believe in Synchronicity? The concept of “Synchronicity” is based on a series of events or “meaningful coincidences” that allow spiritual experiences to materialize. These experiences, that seem to happen by chance, are connected on a deeper spiritual level. Synchronicity is a Metaphysical retail and online store serving the community with spiritual guidance since 2004. Synchronicity offers an array of spiritual tools & resources to guide all souls on their spiritual journey. Our full line of metaphysical tools, crystals, decor, Reiki training, classes, healings, psychic & medium readings can all be accessed at our store or online. Join us on social media @synchronicityny, sign up for our newsletter and “SUBSCRIBE” and “LIKE” our channel on youtube to join other AWAKENED SOULS on this SPIRITUAL JOURNEY! Blessings to you all!