Aligning with Your Intuition

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We all have a sixth sense waiting to be discovered.  It connects us to those aspects of ourselves and our lives that can make us flourish on many levels of our existence if we just learn to channel it appropriately. Come and explore the many facets of your being, and how you can make it work in your everyday world. This class is taught by Mela, a Clairvoyant Medium, that has mastered the ability to help tune others into the part of themselves that they have only begun to explore, if at all. Through exercises, you learn to enhance these areas.  No prior experience is required, only the willingness to be open to whatever is meant for you on your particular journey. Bring a notebook and pen. This class runs for 5 consecutive weeks. 6pm-7:30pm  $300

July 28, 2021

August 4, 2021

August 11, 2021

August 18, 2021

August 25, 2021