Astral Journeying

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Friday June 25, 2021

(Looking Ahead: next class will be held  June 25, 2021)

8pm for 60 min/$20 exchange.

Join Athena on ZOOM from the comfort of your home.

We have an astral body (Consciousness) contained within our physical bodies. During deep meditation or lucid dreaming, you have the ability to tap into your astral body and use it for out-of-body traveling within the cosmos.  The path you will travel is determined by your initial intention, creativity is your only limit.  We will be learning and experimenting with different ways to get into deep meditation, the different instruments and music to deepen the practice, and the different ways to expand on the overall experience of astral travel. We will have time for 2 unique astral journeys per class.

This class is open to all levels of experience,  especially for beginners.  Teens and adults will get the most out of the group, due to the need for good concentration. Have a pen and notebook ready to document your amazing inner self experience. Bring an open mind and open heart to help embrace this beautiful practice.  Each person’s experience will be completely unique.

This class meets once a month from 8pm-approximately 9:15pm. This is not a consecutive series class so if  you can not make it for all the group nights you are still welcome to join the next class.

Each group meeting has an exchange of $20. The topics will vary every group meeting but we will cover:
-Deep Meditation

-Trance & Guided Meditation

-How to tap into your astral body

-We will journey to meet our spirit guides, animal spirit guides, angels, and divine forces

-We will learn how to use music to aid in our astral travel