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  • Getting Into the Vortex


    “It is always satisfying for me to be able to tap into the Vibration of Abraham and to translate their empowering message into our current time and space. “I really […]

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  • Money Law of Attraction Cards


    “While money is not absolutely essential to your experience, to most people, money and freedom are synonymous. And since an intense awareness of your right to be free is at […]

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  • Notes from the Universe


    ABOUT NOTES FROM THE UNIVERSE ON ABUNDANCE Do you know what’s a million times better than getting to the top of the mountain?Getting there after having been lost.Ohhh yeah, The Universe […]

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  • Super Attractor Journal


    The companion journal for #1 New York Times best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein’s latest book. Gabby’s fans love her teachings, and they love to put them in practice. It’s not enough to send […]

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