Chakra Candle Confidence Solar


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Confidence Chakra Magic candle is Sunny Yellow, 2″ dia. x 4.5″ tall, 40 hour burn time. A fresh blend of Cedarwood, Frankincense, Juniper bring back the power to your solar plexus chakra. When you say, “omg, I need a hero.” It’s time for a solar plexus chakra shift with chakra magic candle and get your confidence back.

Confidence Chakra Magic Mantra:

I am a little ray of sunshine filled with joy and enthusiasm for life. I thought I needed a hero and now I know that hero can be me. I accept that life is what it is and I will let each success and failure build my confidence. With every breath I take, I believe in me. With every breath I take, I trust me. With every breath I take, I trust in the process.

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