Dream Goddess Empowerment Cards


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The Goddess whispers into your heart, into your dreams. It’s time to know her wisdom.
They may be hidden, but empowerment, sensuality and creativity are inherent in everyone. The Goddesses are here to encourage you forward, to show you the wonders you are capable of, to reveal your innate strengths, intuition and compassion, and to remind you of the many resources you have within.
Bestselling author Kelly Sullivan Walden helps you view the world through goddess lenses with 55 inspiring messages to maximize your blessings and actualize love, health, abundance and fulfillment in your modern life. Connect with the wise and eternal Goddesses for greater awareness, life-enhancing magic and soul-enriching freedom.

Mini deck includes 55 message cards and instruction card.

Kelly Sullivan Walden is a certified clinical hypnotherapist with a unique approach to dream therapy. She is the author of dozens of popular books on dreams and is the creator of The Hero’s Journey Dream Oracle and Dream Oracle Cards for the Awakening Dreamer with fusion artist Rassouli.

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Box measures 4.25" x 3.5"; 55 cards measure 1.75" x 4"


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